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Technical data from all sensors of  Lm-/LBm series:

Performance data:

  • Absolute accuracy is better than 0.05 %
  • Repeatability is better than 0.02 %
  • Speed range 0 ….. 5,000 m/min
  • Max. acceleration > 1,000 ms²
  • Test frequency 50,000 /s
  • Spot size 4 mm
  • Laser 620 – 690 nm, < 20 mW, Laser class 3B,  EN60825-1:2001
  • Speed units: 0/min, ft/min
  • Length units: m, ft, yd



Integration has never been easier. Select from standard communications or choose from a wide range of factory fitted optional communications to meet your needs. Connect to your existing indicator / display devices, PLC or PC.

Standard interfaces: Ethernet TCP/IP, RS 232, 2x Pulse outputs oder 1x quadrature pulse output, CAN Bus for optional display

Optional interfaces: PROFIBUS, PROFINET, DeviceNet, EtherNet IP