Engineering - Services in Sensor Technologies

Detecting - Positioning - Measuring 

Kempf realizes projects in heavy industries, specialized in steel millsIn cooperation with our business partners Kempf GmbH & Co. KG realizes automation processes and logistic projects in heavy industries -  especially in steelworks and nonferrous manufactures. Over 25 years of experience makes us experts for non-contact measuring technologies. We are highly experienced in using laser technologies for measuring under harsh environmental conditions. Therefore Kempf GmbH & Co. KG develops solutions within millimeter precision of 1D- and 2D-measurements on hot surfaces of temperatures up to 1,450 °C or for measuring/ scanning physical dimensions of semi-finished parts during the production process.


Only selling sensors and components is not enough for Kempf GmbH & Co. KG 

We provide a comprehensive line of product solutions. For complex projects, we offer a complete service beginning with a systematical task analysis, application support, as well as getting installed systems into service.


Spare parts service is our strength

With the help of our reliable business network, we provide a variety of spare parts in new condition. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Let us discuss your projects - Kempf is your partner for realizing solutions!