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Laser Distance Measuring Device LMC-J-0040-X

precise – robust – reflector less – with ProfiBus

LMC-J-0040-X is an opto-electronic laser distance measuring device designed for industrial applications. The module operates on basis of non contact comparative phase measurement with amplitude modulation. The laser diode (cw operation) has a divergence of 0.6 mrad for measurements within pinpoint accuracy. The maximum measuring rate is 50 Hz.

The measuring device can be parametrized via different interfaces and therefore can be used for a wide range of applications:

  • Measuring of dimensions and distances on moving objects in millimeter accuracy
  • Detecting positioning of lifting systems, transporting systems and so on
  • Detecting diameters, length, width or thickness
  • Register motions and detect objects
  • Level control and measuring filling levels of silos
  • Requirements relating to the maintenance of industrial health and safety standards

The sensor includes several different interfaces such as  RS 232, RS 422 and one analog output 4 - 20 mA. For integration in fieldbus systems there are a ProfiBus DP interface and an SSI interface optionally available. Two digital switching outputs and one trigger in are present as well. By using visible red laser light, an easy adjustment of the laser towards the measuring object is possible.


Laser distance measuring device  LMC-J-0040-X of Kempf GmbH

Features of LMC-J-0040-X:

  • Safe usage based on laser class 2 referring to IEC 825-1 Laser class 2 (λ = 650 nm)
  • Reflector less measurements on diffusely reflecting, natural surfaces
  • Measurements in millimeter accuracy on different surfaces with up to 6 % remission
  • Dust and Sperling water protected according to IP 65
  • Low power consumption < 5 W
  • Compact design:
    •    Dimensions (L x W x H): 212 x 96 x 50 mm
    •    Length with plug max. 260 mm
    •    Weight: 0.85 kg
  • Power supply from 10 V up to 30 V, < 3.2 W at 24 V