Identification of Blooms with Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

For realizing a complete material tracking of production line to warehouse management of a heavy plate mill, it is necessary to automatically identify the heavy plates on entry into the warehouses by using an image recognition solution. Image processing systems are of increasing importance for industrial automation. Difficult applications, such as character recognition of material ID's in steel mills can be actually managed with by using of robust, high-resolution cameras in communication with high-performance PCs and corresponding software.


Application of OCR in industries:Application example of a OCR system, detecting an object

  • Automation of roller table and discharge control devices
  • Unique product identification
  • Permanent position detection and identity recognition based on the current material flow during the complete process of tacking over /handing over


Components of OCR:

  • Camera in protective housing with fiber optic connection
  • Computer-based evaluation
  • Handwriting recognition software
  • Visualization in the control stand
  • Network components

Processing time max. 5 s with following information:

  • Properly recognized IDApplication of a measuring system for OCR
  • In case of false ID no recognition
  • Live telegram
  • Detection of stationary material

Consideration of influencing factors, such as:

  • High ambient temperatures
  • Dirt, dust
  • Vibration and shock
  • Different material quality