We are the experts of non-contact measuring technologies!Headquarter of Kempf GmbH & Co. KG in Walldorf

Detecting - Positioning - Measuring

Kempf GmbH & Co. KG offers laser distance measuring systems and solutions for defined positioning, distance determination, dimensioning, and level monitoring under complex technical requirements and harsh environmental conditions. With LOKE sensors and control systems, distances from 0.1 m up to 3000 m can be defined within millimeter accuracy. To us, your customer specified solution shows no problem! Just use our experience and measuring systems for specifying lengths, widths and thicknesses, controlling geometric profiles or speed within your quality management or production optimizing processes.


Global players

Kempf GmbH & Co.KG managed the takeover process of the measuring technology department by LOKE Engineering GmbH & Co. KG in 2012. LOKE Engineering was founded in 1988 as a trading company specialized in selling spare parts for steelworks and rolling mills industry in Southeast Asia.

Today, Kempf GmbH & Co.KG offers its own product lines, engineering solutions and services within different branches of industry. Our head office is situated in Walldorf (Baden) in the southwest of Germany. The distance to Heidelberg is 10 km, the international airport Frankfurt/Main is only 90 km away.

Kempf GmbH & Co.KG is operating globally. We conduct subsidiary companies in Germany, China and Turkey as well as a network of international representatives all over the world.

Long term customers are very satisfied with Kempf services and our reliability. We are participating in fairs in Germany as well as around the world. For this reason our products are internationally established. In our offices and subsidiaries trained engineers with special know-how will create a customized solution directly. The advantages are fast reaction times and flexible time planning, rises to lower costs and to satisfied customers.