Managing logistics of storage yards in heavy industriesLOKE LCG

Laser based Crane Guiding Systems

Storage yards in heavy industries for slabs or coils differ extremley from other industries storage situations and logistic operations. Piece weights up to 30 t and temperatures up to 800 °C of the stored goods require an outdoor storage yard or a spacious bay of serveral 10,000 square meters. These large area manufacturing facilities can complicate communication between storage employees and production workers. Dust, debris, and other environmental conditions create a high demand for robust electronic measurement devices used for storage management.


In cooperation with our partner LogoTek GmbH we are realizing projects in automation and logistics in heavy industries, especially in steel mills, aluminium and copper producing industries. Elements of such systems are:

  • System components for detecting the workflows of different means of transportation (detecting positioning of cranes, checking the assembly of haul means, detecting of load alternation)
  • Components for wired and wireless data transfer (Wireless LAN, conventional network)
  • Customized software for crane guiding and und inventory management

The extreme operating conditions for our systems require the use of reliable and tested hardware components. Basically we are operating with hardware modules, already have been tested under very harsh environmental conditions. More efficient workflows in storage areas conducts to dramatic decrease of failures and therefore to a enormous saving of costs. 


Advantages of of our crane guiding systems:

  • State-of-the-art storage systems with the help of modern technics
  • Reducing time and costs by reducing needless „search times“
  • Decreasing failures by reducing the human factor during workflow
  • Up-to-date transmitters and laser technics
  • Permanent online-connection between host-computer und crane
  • Identification of every product and every storage place any time
  • Very easy usage and handling of the system
  • Optimizing of routing areas of the cranes
  • Low effort for installing new systems or backfitting existing applications
  • Compatible to nearly every modern storage programs