LOKE measuring and control systems

Accuracy under harsh conditions

Partner of heavy industries

Customized solutions for your quality control and optimized production

Laser distance measuring devices

Accuracy as well as under complex technical requirements and harsh environmental conditions

Measuring systems for level monitoring

For instance for measuring filling levels of industrial used silos

Measuring on hot surfaces

Measurements up to 1450 °C within millimeter accuracy

Length measuring frontal to walking beam furnace

Reflectorless up to 30 m on diffusley reflecting surfaces

Laser-based crane guiding systems

Storage yards in heavy industries for slabs or coils are subjected to special conditions

Storage management of serveral 10,000 square meters

Piece weights up to 30 t and temperatures up to 800 °C of the stored goods create a high demand for robust electronic measurement devices

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Detecting - Positioning  - Measuring

The Kempf GmbH & Co. KG offers measuring and control systems for accuracy under harsh environmental conditions in heavy industries - preferably in steel mills and in nonferrous metalworking industries.

For information about AAA-LUX LED flood lighting please use our new webpage.